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Enormes antiguos círculos de piedra en Jordania dejan perplejos a los científicos

círculos de piedra en Jordania
Unas engimáticas estructuras circulares situadas en Jordania han sido fotografiadas recientemente en alta resolución mediante un programa de fotografía aérea, pero los científicos todavía no consiguen revelar su misterioso propósito.
En el marco del Aerial Archaeology Project (Proyecto Arqueológico Aéreo) desarrollado en Jordania, los arqueólogos han captado varias imágenes aéreas de alta resolución de los 11 antiguos grandes círculos que se encuentran en diferentes zonas del país, informa el
Todas estas estructuras circulares, menos una, tienen un diámetro de unos 400 metros. Se encuentran muy alejadas las unas de las otras, pero son “demasiado parecidas entre sí como para que sea una coincidencia”, afirma el investigador David Kennedy, el profesor de la Universidad de Australia Occidental que encabeza el Proyecto Arqueológico Aéreo desde 1997. 
círculos de piedra en Jordania 2
Los ‘grandes círculos’ (como los arqueólogos los llaman) fueron construidos con muros bajos de piedra de poca altura. Originalmente no contenían aberturas y cualquiera que hubiese querido entrar en ellos habría tenido que saltar por encima de las tapias. 
círculos de piedra en Jordania 3
El propósito de los círculos todavía se desconoce y los arqueólogos no saben exactamente cuándo se construyeron estas estructuras. El análisis de las fotografías, así como artefactos encontrados en el suelo, sitúan la antigüedad de los círculos en al menos 2.000 años, pero puede ser mucho mayor. Incluso podrían haberse construido en los tiempos prehistóricos, antes de que se inventara la escritura, suponen los científicos. 
círculos de piedra en Jordania 4
Con el fin de resolver el misterio, los arqueólogos deben llevar a cabo un trabajo de campo más real, dijo Kennedy, señalando que las imágenes aéreas son útiles, pero no pueden sustituir las excavaciones. A pesar de que los grandes círculos grandes fueron vistos por primera vez desde aviones en la década de 1920, pocas investigaciones se han centrado en estas estructuras.
círculos de piedra en Jordania 5
Los autores de las recientes imágenes esperan que las fotografías sirvan para llamar la atención del mundo científico hacia este fenómeno para intensificar su investigación. 
círculos de piedra en Jordania 6RT

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Mind control: Orwell, Huxley, and Today’s Reality

We are able to see the architecture – the structural patterns – of each kind of mind-control regime. This can help us recognize precursors – signs that such a future is coming our way.
by Richard K. Moore

Dystopian predictions

1984webIn 1984, George Orwell paints a picture of a dark, gray world. People are afraid to say anything contrary to the official party line, and surveillance is universal. Even thinking contrary to the party is a crime, and thoughtcrimes may be treated by radical psychological intervention. Information is closely controlled by the party media, and the historical record is routinely edited, so as to conform to the latest party statements.
By contrast, in Brave New World, Aldous Huxley paints a colorful, superficially pleasant world. Personal freedom of all kinds is encouraged, even to the point of being a cultural imperative. In the book a young boy is referred to a therapist, because he doesn’t want to play sex games with a girl classmate. An adult character is considered aberrant, because he is drawn toward a monogamous relationship. Drugs and distractions are readily available for mood enhancement.
Central to Huxley’s world is the abolition of the family. Sex never results in pregnancy, and embryos are grown in a production process, based on selected seed material. As part of the production process, an embryo can be fed or starved, at various stages of its development, so as to create classes of people (alphas, betas, etc) with differing levels of intelligence and skills. Quotas are set, regarding how many people of each class are going to be needed, and should therefore be produced.
Various kinds of conditioning are then used on infants in order to get them to accept their class, along with its prerogatives and restrictions, as being best for them. Children are raised on a communal basis, with no concept of parents, siblings, or family. From embryo to adulthood, the state has fine-tuned control over the development of the person, and of their thinking. In the resulting society, people behave as they were programmed to behave, and can’t imagine things being any different.
In Orwell’s world, wrong-thought (thoughtcrime) is detected and suppressed. In Huxley’s world, wrong-thought is unlikely to arise. Orwell’s world suppresses the individual; Huxley’s world manufactures the individual. In both cases, mind control – control over what people are able to think – is the strategy of the regime, as its means of social control generally. Orwell explores a brute-force approach to mind control, while Huxley explores a scientific approach.
The novels are useful because they each take one of these basic approaches to mind control, and follow its consequences to the end. If you really want to suppress what people think, you’d need to do A, B, and C. If you really want to program people, you’ve got to start when they’re born and do X, Y, and Z. We are able to see the architecture – the structural patterns – of each kind of mind-control regime. This can help us recognize precursors – signs that such a future is coming our way.

Echoes of Orwell

corporate newsConsider the world of mainstream journalists, in particular TV news anchors. There we have a world with echoes of 1984, where what is said must conform to the party line. Any thoughtcrime – such as an anchor commenting onscreen that he doesn’t buy the official story of 9/11, or he thinks Russia isn’t an aggressor – would be quickly punished by the equivalent of death – expulsion from the world of journalism.
Thus is maintained the Matrix, the story we are told about US benevolence, the existence of democracy, the sacredness of market forces, and all the rest. With control of major media in just a few hands, the party line can be always maintained, and current (or past) events can be interpreted within that framework. To do otherwise, for a news anchor, would be literally unthinkable. Huxley’s Ministry of Truth is at work in our world, but it is invisible, hiding away in the boardrooms of media conglomerates, and behind the doors of the White House press office.
The same kind thoughtcrime regime is operating in other arenas as well, where socially-sensitive topics are concerned. The peer-review process, and the editorial boards of the relevant journals, ensure that thoughtcrimes are suppressed, when it comes to concerns regarding genetic manipulation, pesticides, fracking, pharmaceuticals, radiation levels, etc. Again, the Ministry of Truth is invisible, residing high up in the chain of corporate boardrooms.
Flickr-Prison-Planet-AZRainmanEven though our society doesn’t resemble Orwell’s dystopia, his mind control methods are operating in very critical places, where the population’s ‘information’ is generated. And of course we do have universal surveillance, courtesy of the NSA, omnipresent CATV cameras, and cell-phone tracking. Big Brother is with us, but he stays behind the scenes, he sees all, and he decides what stories we will be told about the world by the mainstream media.

Echoes of Huxley

 Huxley wrote a review of 1984, where he talked about the two different future visions. He suggested that we might go through some kind of dark period, reminiscent of 1984, but he thinks such a regime would be unstable and transitional. He goes on to say that the scientific approach to mind control, based on programming people’s belief systems, would be the more sensible choice for a modern totalitarian society.
US Government research into scientific mind control began at least in the 1960’s, and has been ongoing. The first approach – the CIA’s Operation Mind Control – was heavy handed, reminiscent of 1984. This research involved giving people psychotropic drugs, along with post-hypnotic suggestions. Quite a bit could be (and has been) accomplished with these kinds of methods, along the lines of The Manchurian Candidate, but it didn’t provide a general solution: two much work was required to program people on an individual basis.
Research then shifted to cult creation. If people can be herded into cults of various kinds, cult dynamics themselves would serve the programming function. This provides a more wholesale approach to mind control, than the individual methods tried earlier. The CIA has never publicly claimed credit for this later research, but the experiments were very successful, including Reverend Jim Jones and the People’s Temple, and David Koresh and Waco.
In this kind of research, the first step is to identify a natural cult leader, who has already shown some success in gathering followers. Then the cult is given support of various kinds. Covert agents are sent in to join the cult, not only to observe and report, but also to provide organizational skills. Funds are channeled to the cult, and local police are warned off, so that the cult can grow unhampered.
In this way, researchers have been able to study how a skilled cult leader operates, how people are drawn into a cult, how loyalty is maintained, and how people can be pushed into extreme beliefs and actions. When everything had been learned that could be learned from a cult, the cult’s leader and members were then killed, so as to hide the evidence of what had really been going on in the experiment.

Cults and their uses

One of the first large-scale deployments of cult technology, informed by this research, was the creation of the Jihad movement by the CIA. The immediate purpose was to destabilize the Soviet regime, by tying it down in a quagmire in Afghanistan. This operation was quite successful. Since then, the Jihad cult movement – aka Taliban, Al Qaeda, Kosovo Liberation Army, ISIS, etc. – has proven to be an extremely useful tool for the purpose of destabilizing regimes, in pursuit of US geopolitical objectives. These destabilization operations in turn provide an excuse for direct US intervention, as we’ve seen recently in Libya and Iraq, and as we may soon see in Syria.
Cults generally have certain characteristics. There is usually a charismatic leader, who is able to inspire belief and loyalty in cult members. There is always a defining core belief system, that sets cult members off from outsiders, and which provides a strong sense of identity and purpose for members. There is typically an alleged ‘outside threat’ to the cult, which draws members together. There are actions and sacrifices required of members, which serve to bind them more tightly to the cult.  There are packaged arguments, that cult members are taught to employ, to repel attempts undermine the core belief system. These programming methods are very powerful, and typically intense deprogramming is needed to ply members away from a cult, once they have been thoroughly indoctrinated.
The society described in Brave New World is in fact a cult-based society. Each of the classes (alpha, beta, etc.) is a cult, and the programming begins at birth. No charismatic leader is needed, when so much control over programming is available. Each cult has its own core belief system, along with packaged arguments to maintain those beliefs. The required actions and sacrifices are simply the lifestyle which has been designed for each class. Such a society would tend to be stable, particularly since deprogramming efforts would be absent from the scene.
It is notable that Huxley’s world is not about a single cult, a uniform society, but rather about multiple cults. This makes for greater stability. Cult members have not only a model of what-to-be, they also have models of what-not-to-be. Each cult is more clearly defined, and drawn more into itself, by the existence of other cults. Being glad you’re not a beta is one of the reasons to be glad you are an alpha.
We see this same multi-cult dynamic operating in the US, in the divisiveness between liberals and conservatives. Liberals are kept in the fold by stories of conservative folly, and conservatives are kept in the fold by stories of liberal folly. In a propaganda-only system of control, there would be one party line for everyone. In this multi-cult system, there are two party lines, which we might characterize as CNN vs. FOX.
While the two party lines have many differences, in order to keep the two cults separated, they in fact share basic essentials in common. They both sustain the myth that state policy is a response to public sentiment, and they blame the other cult for providing support for the ‘bad’ policies. In fact US policy is made outside of government, by financial elites, and the state aims to control public sentiment, not respond to it. In this way we can see CNN and FOX as collaborators, sharing the common goal of hiding this fundamental truth from the people. The Democratic and Republican parties collaborate toward this same goal, using Congress as a stage, where they carry on a theater of divisiveness, providing the appearance of a democratic decision-making process.
The Barack Obama phenomenon provides an excellent example of cult tactics in action. Obama himself is obviously a natural cult leader, articulate and charismatic. He came onto the scene offering an inspiring core belief in deep reform, “The ground of politics has changed; Yes we Can!”. The dramatic effect was intense, as if we were witnessing the Second Coming. Campaign volunteers became the core of the budding Obama cult, and they were given lots of work to do, binding their identity to Obama and his professed mission. The McCain campaign was orchestrated to look like a dangerous threat by a rival cult, binding Obama supporters even more tightly.
The success of this mind-control operation was truly amazing. Obama in fact proceeded to carry on and expand everything Bush had been doing; the ground of politics hadn’t changed at all. But the cult binding was so strong that his support continued, by the very people who had hated Bush because of the same policies. Packaged arguments were put forward, to keep people in the cult, blaming Obama’s performance on Republican opposition – the standard divisiveness tactic. Even today there remain legions of Obama loyalists. Once bound to a cult, leaving becomes psychologically difficult.
Another example of mind control by means of cults is provided by global-warming hysteria. Al Gore played the role, at least temporarily, of cult leader, when he presented the core belief in CO2-caused climate crisis in his scientifically fraudulent, but very popular film,  An Inconvenient Truth. The growth of the cult was ensured by the fact that it then became a thoughtcrime in mainstream media and climate journals to question these core beliefs. Cult members are given things to do and sacrifices to make, like riding a bicycle and buying a Prius. They are given a packaged argument, that contrary views are nothing but the propaganda of an outside-threat: the evil petroleum industry.
This kind of mind control operation is much more effective than propaganda on its own. It’s not just that cult members believe in CO2-caused climate crisis, they believe they are fighting a battle against an enemy. They have been fully immunized against counter arguments to their core beliefs, and their only concern is to ‘save the planet’ by supporting anything that looks like it will reduce carbon emissions. Thus they are being led willingly down the garden path to a micro-managed society, as outlined in Agenda 21.

The ‘conspiracy theory’ meme

State control of public schools and mainstream media goes a long way towards programming people’s minds. But it is not enough, particularly in the era of the Internet. There are many sources available that thoroughly debunk mainstream propaganda, and by using those sources a large number of people have escaped, at least in part, from the mind-control regime. In Orwell’s world, the Internet would be banned. In our world, which is developing more along Huxley’s lines, other ways have been found to limit the ability of the Internet to undermine the mainstream narratives.
The ‘conspiracy theory’ meme was launched by the CIA in the wake of the JFK assassination. The official story was so full of holes that more and more people were beginning to doubt it. While the Warren Commission was busy writing its cover-up document, the public began to learn about the existence of ‘conspiracy theorists’. These are people, the story goes, who suffer from paranoid delusions, and sane people should pay no attention to anything they say. If someone even looks at any of those ideas, their own mental stability comes into question.
This mind-control tactic was very effective in marginalizing research into the truth behind the JFK assassination. Anyone who presented evidence contrary to the official story was automatically seen as ‘conspiracy theorist’. By scoffing at such evidence, without looking at it, you could demonstrate that you were mentally balanced. Thus logic and reasoning are banished from the scenario. Either you believe the official story, or your mental health is called into question.
Since then, the conspiracy-theory meme has been carefully nurtured and expanded by the mainstream party lines. This mind-control campaign has been very successful in immunizing the majority of the population against the revelations available on the Internet. Any story not appearing in the mainstream media must by definition be a conspiracy theory, and anything that sounds like a conspiracy theory should be scoffed at and ignored.
Thus for the majority of the population we have a tightly controlled, two-tier, mind-control regime. The thoughtcrime dynamic governs what the media says, and the conspiracy-theory dynamic immunizes people against other views. For the majority, the party line (either CNN or FOX) is ‘truth’, as in Orwell’s world, but without the need for Big Brother’s extreme methods.
By these mind-control methods, a bubble has been created, in which the majority does their thinking. Inside the bubble are the two party-line narratives, and outside the bubble the real world proceeds, invisible to those inside the bubble. It’s a very effective system. The more outrageous the real actions of the state, the more quickly the majority rejects revelations of those actions, as being outrageous conspiracy theories.
In some cases the FOX party line includes accurate revelations which would be thoughtcrimes in the CNN world. In such cases, the CNN world responds by classifying those revelations as  ‘right wing’ conspiracy theories. Unlike a propaganda-only system, where state crimes are always hidden, this multi-cult system enables the state to document its own crimes on conservative media, and know that the information will be disbelieved by the liberal cult. This system allows the truth to be hidden from some, through the act of revealing it to others. Very clever.

Mind control outside the bubble

While the majority may be inside the bubble, there is a large and growing number of people who don’t have faith in any mainstream party line, and who are open to considering the various ideas they find from Internet sources. The phrase ‘waking up’ is frequently used to describe the process of escaping from the bubble. More and more people are ‘waking up’ to the reality of false-flag events, routine government lies, the deep corruption of politics and the media, and the sociopathic central bankers who exercise the reins of power from behind the scenes.
However, the Internet is not being ignored by the state, and mind-control operations are underway there as well – designed for those who have ‘woken up’. Such operations are not aimed at moving people back into the bubble, rather they embrace the ‘awake’ ideas, aikido style, and then seek to direct the energy of the ‘awoken’ in ways that serve the state and its objectives.
An example of one of these outside-the-bubble mind-control operations, of the cult variety, is provided by the Zeitgeist Movement – which claims to be the “largest grassroots movement in the world with chapters in over 60 countries”. Peter Joseph is the charismatic leader of this cult, and he offers his set of core beliefs, backed up by persuasive evidence and arguments, in Zeitgeist: The Movie.
For those who are ‘awake’, the film is very powerful. It presents the essential truths about the world, without pulling punches, in a dramatic and compelling way. The film has gone through several versions over time, and the very first version went viral on the Internet as soon as it was released. To the ‘awoken’, it was a film of liberation, with the potential to wake everyone up and transform the world.
After the film was released, and after it gained a massive and enthusiastic audience, the Zeitgeist Movement was launched. Fans of the film flocked to join the movement, eager to ‘spread the gospel of truth’, and help ‘wake up the world’. They were joining an urgently-needed messianic cause, and this bound them to the movement, in the way cults always bind members. Peter Joseph was seen as a prophet figure, the articulator of the gospel, and the one who could lead the way to liberation – and this is more or less the textbook definition of a cult leader.
What these eager cult members fail to realize is that the very thing that attracts them to the movement also guarantees that the movement could never succeed in ‘waking up the world’. The core beliefs that are so liberating to the members are all seen as outrageous conspiracy theories inside the mainstream bubble. While members think they are pursuing a messianic cause, they are in fact a choir singing to itself, with Peter Joseph setting the tune.
The real purpose behind the cult is revealed in a press release on the movement website, entitled, ‘The Zeitgeist Movement defined: realizing a new train of thought’. Here Joseph expands the gospel, going beyond ‘revealing the truth’, and venturing into envisioning the transformed world that the movement aims to help create. Here are three key points from Prophet Joseph’s vision, with emphasis added:
2): The Scientific Worldview: The essay explores how the development of the scientific method has altered human perception and the critical importance of its recognition and larger order application, specifically with respect to the social system.
(5): The Case for Human Unity: This essay explores the reasoning for a unified global society along with tracing the source of national divisions and propensities for conflict. A relevant point is made regarding the advancement of technological warfare and how the dangers of keeping biased economic boundaries as we have could lead to rapid destruction as time moves forward.
(9): Market Efficiency vs Technical Efficiency: This essay argues the difference between true scientific (or technical) efficiency and the business practice of “market efficiency,” showing how the latter actually works against true economic optimization.
This is a prescription for a micro-managed global technocracy, under the control of a one-world government. Both the social system and the economic system are to be ‘scientifically optimized’ – which in fact means a world organized along whatever lines are set down by some technocratic bureaucracy, under the control of an enthroned global elite. In other words, Prophet Joseph is creating an enthusiastic constituency in support of the central bankers’ long-desired New World Order.
The Zeitgeist cult is an aikido masterstroke. It begins with the revelation that ‘evil bankers’ run the world, blending with the energy of the ‘awoken’, and then shifts that energy in a direction that serves the interests of those same ‘evil bankers’. Again, I must say very clever, very clever indeed.
Zeitgeist is only one example of a mind-control operation aimed at those who have achieved one degree or another of ‘awakening’. Numerous movements have been created, characterized by well-designed websites that tell some version of the truth, drawing in audiences with some specific focus of concerns, and which lead those audiences into useless or counter-productive activities.
In Huxley’s world, we see a scientifically designed society, tightly controlled by a full-spectrum mind-control regime, based on conditioning and cult dynamics. In today’s world, we see cult dynamics being used in a variety of mind-control operations, with cults customized for various constituencies both inside and outside the mainstream bubble. Huxley’s world has achieved stabilization by such means; in our world those means are being used to facilitate a transition – to a brave new world order that is likely to resemble Huxley’s in many of its essential features.

The demise of the family?

If the state can achieve full control over the raising of children, without parental interference, then quite obviously that would give the state the power to achieve a full-spectrum mind-control regime. Not only could the state design the society’s culture, it could tune that culture over time, by updating the conditioning process. If full-spectrum mind-control is the goal, then eliminating the family becomes a primary intermediate objective.
If eliminating the family is indeed an objective of the New World Order project, then it is by no means an easy objective to achieve. One would be hard-pressed to imagine an institution that would be more fiercely defended than the family, or to imagine a more painful experience than being separated from ones children or parents. Any campaign to achieve that objective would need to fly under false colors, not advertised as a campaign to eliminate the family, but rather as a campaign aimed at protecting the rights and welfare of the child.
It is in this light, I suggest, that we consider the many revelations that have emerged in recent years regarding child sexual abuse, and the existence of pedophile rings. In many of these cases we learn that the abusive activity have been going on for many, many years, as we see in the case of pedophile priests. Why is it that these longstanding activities have only recently been ‘discovered’?
If there is to be a strong campaign for the ‘rights and welfare of children’, there needs to be first a strong impression that their rights and welfare need protecting. Exposés of child sexual abuse serve that purpose very well. When you see a police drama, where abused children are rescued by noble cops from drug-addicted parents, you are are getting images of a benevolent state, and a social milieu that requires intervention. It becomes a template that can be expanded on as time goes on. And of course there are the interminable ads, where a neglected child sits alone at home (black and white film for effect), fearful and hungry, and you can donate $3 to some child-protection agency.
I don’t recall the link, but I came across a webpage from a UN agency, promoting the virtues of children raised ‘alternatively’. These are children raised as a group, sans parents, reminiscent of Huxley’s scenario. Supposedly these children were ‘more creative’, and showed other positive signs. How very nice. Another good-intention-stone along the garden path to the demise of the family.
Last year, 2013, in both Ireland and New Zealand, constitutional amendments were adopted, declaring that the rights and welfare of the child are paramount, trumping any rights that might be claimed by a child’s parents. In Ireland, a court challenge was immediately launched, based on the fact that the government had illegally campaigned for the referendum that approved the amendment, when by law the government should have been neutral. The challenge was, not surprisingly, rejected by the courts. There is no specific formula in these amendments as to what defines the rights and welfare of children, leaving it up to the discretion of the state, as to when intervention in the family might be appropriate.
As economic conditions worsen, under the screws of austerity, privatization, and eliminated social services, it will become a struggle for an increasing number of parents to feed, clothe, and house their families. It would be all too easy for the state to mandate a ‘minimum level of acceptable conditions’, and take children wholesale into care, based on ‘economic profiling’. That’s just one possible scenario, but it’s the kind of scenario it seems we are being prepared for.
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Selon les Russes, le PDG de Total aurait été assassiné par la CIA
Une thérorie plus que crédible

Selon les Russes, le PDG de Total aurait été assassiné par la CIA

Saddam Hussein et Kadhafi l’ont payé de leur vie. La seule monnaie d’échange dans la vente du gaz et du pétrole doit être le dollar. C’est une ligne rouge qu’aucun Etat au monde ne doit franchir. C’est pour avoir touché à ce dogme que Christophe de Margerie, le PDG de Total, aurait été assassiné.

Un inquiétant bulletin du Federal Security Service (FSB) délivré à tous les ministres durant l’heure précédente y a classé toutes les informations relatives à l’accident de l’avion d’affaires Dassault Falcon 50 à l’aéroport international de Vnukovo (VKO) qui a tué Christophe de Margerie, PDG du géant du pétrole français Total ( le 13ème plus grand producteur du monde et 2e plus grand d’Europe), plus tôt aujourd’hui a été classé comme  ayant une importance particulière, qui correspond au haut niveau de classification et se réfère à l’information qui, si elle est libérée, pourrait causer des dommages à l’ensemble de la Fédération de Russie. 

Selon ce bulletin, l’enquête préliminaire du FSB dans cet accident a montré qu’au moment du décollage à 00h10, heure de Moscou, le nez du train d’atterrissage de l’avion est entré en collision avec un chasse-neige  et a basculé, provoquant un incendie qui a éclaté après la collision, mais il n’y avait pas eu d’explosion, et qui a été rapidement maîtrisé par les services de l’aéroport. 

Le FSB a également confirmé que Christophe de Margerie était le seul passager de l’avion et est mort avec l’équipage de l’avion dans la collision. Sa mort a été confirmée par Total et le directeur du service de presse de l’aéroport international de Vnukovo. 

Parmi les différentes versions de l’accident en cours d’enquête publique, le FSB dit, qu’il y a une culpabilité des pilotes, la culpabilité des dispatchers, la culpabilité du conducteur du chasse-neige et de la mauvaise visibilité. 

Cependant, ce qui est inquiétant est que le FSB affirme en outre qu’ils ont découvert ” des contradictions inexplicables “entre les informations récupérées à partir des boites noires de l’avion et les informations de la tour de contrôle publiées qui ont montré que cet avion a été ” subrepticement dirigé “dans la trajectoire du chasse-neige qui roulait sur ​​une autre piste, dont il a été rapporté que le conducteur était sobre et l’avocat a déclaré que son client “souffre d’une maladie cardiaque aiguë; il ne boit pas du tout et il y a des amis et les parents qui peuvent témoigner de cela.” 

Concernant les ” actions et les motivations “ des « acteurs étatiques »  [euphémisme du FSB pour désigner la Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA )]  en cherchant à assassiner Christophe de Margerie, ce bulletin dit, que s’était dû à la  réunion qu’il venait de conclure avec le Premier ministre  Dmitri Medvedev, dans lequel Total et son partenaire, le plus grand producteur de pétrole et de gaz indépendant de Russie Novatek , commenceraient la vente de pétrole et de gaz naturel liquide (GNL) en euros ou en roubles, et non en Dollars US (aka: pétrodollars). 

Le FSB note que Total et Novatek ont ensemble un  projet de 21000000000 € (27 milliards de dollars)  pour développer un projet de GNL Yamal dans l’Arctique russe, qui devrait commencer à produire en 2017. Les réserves du champ sont estimées à environ l’équivalent de 800 millions de barils de pétrole, à partir de laquelle les deux sociétés pourraient un jour produire autour de 15 millions de tonnes par an de GNL (gaz naturel liquide). 

Le PDG de Total Christophe de Margerie a encore plus enragé le régime d’Obama, selon le FSB, quand en juin dernier, tout en répondant à des questions sur les appels lancés par les responsables politiques français pour trouver des moyens au niveau de l’UE pour soutenir l’utilisation de l’euro dans le commerce international après une amende-record envers BNP Paribas SA, la plus grande banque de France, a déclaré: ” Il n’y a aucune raison de payer le pétrole en dollars . “(…) 

L’addendum historique du FBS note à leur bulletin que le système des pétrodollars a été mis en place après que le président Richard Nixon a bouleversé l’économie mondiale le 15 août 1971, quand il a officiellement mis fin à la convertibilité internationale de l’US Dollars en or, portant ainsi la fin officielle de l’arrangement de Bretton Woods qui a stabilisé l’économie mondiale à la suite de la Seconde Guerre mondiale. 

Deux ans plus tard, dans un effort pour maintenir la demande mondiale de dollars américains, un autre système a été créé appelé le système des pétrodollars et en 1973, un accord a été conclu entre l’Arabie Saoudite et les États-Unis dans lequel chaque baril de pétrole acheté par les Saoudiens serait libellée en dollars américains. 

En vertu de cette nouvelle entente, tout pays qui cherche à acheter du pétrole à l’Arabie Saoudite doit nécessairement échanger d’abord leur propre monnaie nationale pour les dollars américains. (…) 

En 1975, tous les pays de l’OPEP avaient accepté le paiement de leurs propres approvisionnements en pétrole exclusivement en dollars américains en échange d’armes et de la protection militaire. Ce système des pétrodollars, ou plus simplement connu comme  ” oif for dollars “, créé une demande artificielle immédiate de l’US Dollars dans le monde entier. Comme la demande mondiale de pétrole a augmenté, elle a donc fait augmenter la demande de dollars des États-Unis, un plan qui permet à l’Amérique de rester à flot en dépit d’avoir une dette de près de 18.000 milliards de dollars. 

L’existence de pétrodollars, selon les notes du FSB, est l’un des piliers de la puissance économique des USA, car elle crée une demande externe importante pour la devise américaine, ce qui permet aux États-Unis d’accumuler des dettes énormes sans défaut. 

Avec la Russie maintenant  diabolisé et sanctionné  par le régime Obama, en raison de sa politique de retrait du dollar américain pour l’achat de pétrole et de gaz, ce bulletin du FSB conclut,  la France a rejoint avec l’Irak, la Libye, la Syrie et l’Iran  dans la souffrance, la colère de l’audace pour aller à l’encontre du pétrodollar (…) 

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'The Guardian': El modelo occidental ha fracasado

Publicado: 25 oct 2014 | 2:53 GMT Última actualización: 25 oct 2014 | 3:32 GMT
En vista de los recientes acontecimientos internacionales, el mito sobre la infalibilidad del modelo occidental parece estar desacreditado y hasta los expertos de esta zona del mundo lo reconocen.
"Hasta ahora, el siglo XXI ha sido un siglo fracasado para el modelo occidental", aseguran por John Micklethwait y Adrian Wooldridge, autores de la nueva obra titulada 'The Forth Revolution' ('La cuarta revolución'. Una afirmación que puede parecer extraordinaria teniendo en cuenta que Micklethwait y Wooldridge son autores de 'The Economist', publicación que durante mucho tiempo ha insistido en que el 'no Occidente' solo podría alcanzar la prosperidad y la estabilidad a través del patrón occidental, destaca Pankaj Mishra, autor de un artículo publicado sobre este tema en 'The Guardian'.  

A continuación, Mishra analiza las razones por las que el modelo occidental ha fallado en muchas partes del mundo, desacreditando la idealización del modelo occidental. Con este término el autor se refiere a la creencia de que "las instituciones del estado nación y la democracia liberal se generalizarán poco a poco en el mundo y que las clases medias en ciernes, creadas por el capitalismo industrial, traerán consigo gobiernos representativos y estables; que cada sociedad, en fin, está destinada a evolucionar como Occidente".  
Las dinámicas y los rasgos específicos del "progreso" occidental no han podido replicarse en el 'no Occidente'  

En opinión del autor, los acontecimientos ocurridos de los últimos años, junto con la historia de Europa del siglo pasado, apuntan a que es momento de preguntarse sobre lo que Neibuhr llamó "los altamente contingentes logros de Occidente" y dedicar más atención a las historias del 'no Occidente'. 
La descolonización del siglo XX dio lugar al nacimiento de muchos estados naciones en Asia y en África. Pero el autor continúa explicando que las condiciones que resultaron propicias para el éxito de Europa en el siglo XIX no existían en los países de Asia y África. En consecuencia, si ahora el mundo está agonizando, sumergido en insurgencias, guerras y masacres, es por la ilusión de que el modelo occidental garantizaría el crecimiento y prosperidad para los países de Asia y África

El autor llama la atención al hecho de que, a diferencia de Europa, que llegó a los estados nación modernos de forma paulatina, el 'no Occidente' se enfrenta de manera simultánea a la tarea de la crear estructuras políticas fuertes y economías viables y, a la vez, satisfacer las demandas de la dignidad e igualdad. El autor recuerda que en ningún lugar de Europa existían libertades privadas, sufragio universal y sistema parlamentario a la vez durante los años de la industrialización. 
Todas las naciones occidentales están atrapadas en una mentira, la mentira sobre su falso humanismo  
Asimismo, Mishra hace hincapié en que los autores de 'The Economist' omiten en su libro que en Occidente la historia del nacimiento del estado nación moderno también pasó por matanzas masivas como los casos de las guerras religiosas del siglo XVII, las revoluciones francesas, las guerras napoleónicas, las guerras de la unificación italiana, etc. 
"Los siglos de guerra civil, conquista imperial, explotación brutal y genocidiofueron suprimidos en los relatos que mostraban cómo los occidentales hicieron el mundo moderno", asegura el autor, que, a continuación, cita a James Baldwin, quien en 1963 avisó de que "todas las naciones occidentales están atrapadas en una mentira, la mentira sobre su falso humanismo; esto significa que su historia no tiene justificación moral, y el occidente no tiene la autoridad moral".

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